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    Power Utilities, Industrial, Transportation, Video Surveillance, and Telecommunications (pdf files)

    Power Utilities:

    Southern Power District (SPD) Chooses Magnum DX940 Cellular Routers

    Blue Ridge EMC Uses Magnum Managed Fiber Switches for Smart Grid Network

    Magnum DX/DynaStar SCADA Frame Forwarding for Substation Automation

    South Central Indiana REMC Upgrades Substation Networks with Magnum 6Ks and DXs

    Magnum DX Routers Deliver Secure Wireless Communications at Eastern Iowa Light & Power

    SEL and GarrettCom Chosen for NACO Power Plant Automation

    Magnum 6K Switches Network Substations High in Andes Mountains

    GarrettCom 6K Switches Offer Holyoke Gas & Electric (HG&E) Flexibility and Security for Utility Operations

    GarrettCom Ethernet Switches at the Core of a Radioactive Sodium Processing Plant

    Vermont Electric Builds Secure Network with Ethernet

    Power Utility Uses Magnum Fibre Switches to Provide Reliable Electricity Supply in Spain

    GarrettCom 61850 Switches in Italian Substations network fault and event monitors

    Salt River Project (SRP) Uses Magnum 6K25 Switches for Power Utility Substations

    GE Harris uses Magnum Fiber Switches and Mixed-Media Hubs in High-Availability Utility Substation Control System in Oman

    Industrial Networking:

    Magnum 6K Switches Network Pump Stations for China's South to North Water Project

    PoE Switches Network ThyssenKrupp Steel's Alabama Plant Process Vision System

    Magnum Managed Switches Network China's Sha Steel No.1 Mill

    Magnum 6K Switches Upgrade Increases Performance at Irish Distillers' Midleton Plant

    PacifiCorp Uses Magnum Ethernet Switches for Safety in Coal Mine

    Sacramento Department of Utilities Chooses Magnum 6K25 Switches and S-Ring Redundancy Manager for Water Treatment Plant

    Magnum Industrial Hubs and Switches Network Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants in Springfield, Missouri 

    Magnum P62F Switches utilized to Migrate Rock Quarry Control Systems into Ethernet

    AMR Corp, parent company of American Airlines, chose Magnum switches for their networking application in their Aircraft Maintenance Facility

    Magnum P62F Hardened Switches are used in some serious action aboard the NASA C-130 aircraft.

    Surveillance & Security:

    Magnum Switches Provide Networking for Perimeter Security System in Nuclear Plant

    Magnum 6K Switches Chosen for City-Wide CCTV Surveillance Projects Throughout Turkey

    Magnum 6K Switches Network Seminole State College (FL) Code Blue Security System

    Magnum 6K Switches Network Cargotec Port Security‘s Spreader Bar Radiation Verification System

    Magnum PoE Switches Network Security Cameras for Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport Rail Link (SARL)

    6K Fiber Switches Network City of St. Cloud (FL) Water Treatment Plant Video Security Platform

    Computer Data Networks Builds Security Network for Palm Island, Dubai

    Connexion Uses Magnum 6K32Ts for Video Security & Internet Svcs in Condo Complexes

    GarrettCom Uses PS14P PoE Switch to Power Security Network at Its Corporate HQ


    Magnum Edge Switches Network LAPD Cruisers' Mobile Communications

    Magnum PoE Edge Switches Network Doo Technologies Rugged Mobile Video Surveillance Systems

    Magnum Switches Selected for SCOOT Traffic Management System

    Magnum 6KM Mobile Ethernet Switches Network Mining Vehicles in Chile

    GCI Hardened Routers Network Class 1 Western Railroad Railside Signal Huts

    City of Seattle Selects Magnum 6K Switches for Hardened ITS Network

    Magnum Switches Provide Networking for Kane County (IL) Traffic Management System

    Danish State Rail Operator DSB Turns to GarrettCom for an In-Carriage Network Solution

    Delaware D.O.T. Uses Magnum DX Routers and 6K Switches for Traffic Control

    Magnum Edge Switches Boost Emergency Phone Availability in Italian Tunnel

    Magnum 6K Switches Network Tampa Crosstown Expressway with Fiber Rings, Redundancy

    Texas D.O.T. Uses Hardened Ethernet Switches and Wireless for Traffic Control

    GarrettCom PoE Switches Power UK Roadside Remote Monitoring Stations

    Virginia D.O. T. Interchange Uses Magnum Switches to Manage Traffic Flow in Tunnels

    The City of West Des Moines Moves to Sophisticated ATMS System

    Motorways in the United Kingdom are Using Magnum Products

    The City of Palo Alto Uses GarrettCom Ethernet Products in Its Advanced Transportation Systems (ATMS)

    City of San Francisco Selects Magnum P62F Hardened Switches for Traffic Control Project


    Mila Builds Iceland Telecommunications Infrastructure with Magnum 6K Switches

    CITEC Service Node System Goes Carrier Ethernet with NEBS & ETSI Certified Ethernet Switches

    WiFi Metro Network Uses Ethernet for High Bandwidth and Carrier Class Availability

    Pine Tree Networks Builds Redundant Internet Access with Ethernet

    Elastic Networks Employs Magnum P62F Switches to Deploy DSL Internet Access to Outlying Users

    Broadnet France selects Magnum 4K-Series Carrier-Class Switches for Wireless Network Management 

    Bell South utilizes Magnum NEBS Certified Ethernet Switches for Database System

    Valley Telephone uses Magnum DS8016 for Microwave Relay Station Network Management

    Magnum 3000 Series Create a Cost-Effective LAN solution for Choice One Communications

    Magnum Blade Compact PCI Ethernet Solution

    Magnum Products Bring the Internet to Hotel Guests in San Jose  

    Transparent LAN Services - LAN and MAN Solutions for Hickory Tech


    Download Acrobat Reader (free) to view the pdf files