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  • GarrettCom Cyber Security Solutions
    Magnum DX and DynaStar Router/Firewalls
    Electronic Security Perimeter Solutions; Includes Magnum DX Line of Routers and Serial Device Servers as well as the DynaStar Line of Industrial Frame Routers; more>
    Magnum MNS-6K Secure software is designed for those customers demanding extra security in their networks. All of the features in regular MNS-6K are included + extra security; more>
    MNS-DX Secure Management Software for the DX Line of Industrial Routers; SSH/SSL/HTTPS/S-FTP, Access filters, SNMPv3; syslog, RADIUS; adds extra security features such as IPSec, VPN, firewall, encryption and authentication more>
    SUBNET Solutions Cyber Security
    GarrettCom and SUBNET Solutions have teamed up to bring you the best in class cyber security solutions for industrial market segments including power utilities confronting NERC CIP implementation. more>
    Subnet Solutions
    IP Video Surveillance and Physical Security
    Secure, Hardened, networking solutions including Power over Ethernet (PoE)and IGMP; Vast customer base using full range of GarrettCom networking solutions more>
    Video Surveillance
    Magnum SECURE Networks Framework
    End-to-end network security solution;MSNF is a focused initiative of GarrettCom that addresses cyber security requirements of power utilities, transportation systems,  water treatment plants, military installations, pipeline operations, and other critical infrastructure sectors. more>