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    GarrettCom offers a full range of networking products optimized for network-centric warfare and battlefield conditions, capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and severe shock and vibration. Products include hardened switches, converters, routers, and terminal servers designed and tested for reliability in harshest conditions and temperatures. GarrettCom is known for its configurability, and offers the widest breadth of fiber options—including Gigabit, in the industry. PoE is available in managed and unmanaged products—both large and small form factors.
    • Defense-Grade Products
    • Mission Critical Applications
    • Critical Infrastructure Protection
    • Battlefield Tested
    • Interoperability
    • Secure

    Examples of security applications include:
    Magnum 6K Switches Provide Perimeter Security for Nuclear Plant

    Magnum PoE Edge Switches Network Doo Technologies Rugged Mobile Video Surveillance Systems

    Magnum 6K Switches Network Cargotec Port Security‘s Spreader Bar Radiation Verification System

    GarrettCom Inc. offers innovative industrial networking solutions with the best and most flexible IP infrastructure support.

    • Hardened switches that can be deployed in sheltered outdoors conditions or in the dirty, and often unforeseen harsh conditions of the field.
    • Flexible Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches that can extend surveillance to places where it is too difficult, too expensive, or takes too long to run electrical wiring.
    • Fiber-based high bandwidth for real-time, redundant, full-motion video for:
      • Security applications
      • Physical surveillance
      • Harsh battlefield conditions
      • Extreme temperatures
      • Economical long distance applications
    GarrettCom for Defense Apps

    COTS products for more economical and readily available networking

    • Mil-Standard Testing
    • PoE for on-board vehicles
    • Full range of DC power incl. 12 & 24VDC
    • Biometric Readers
    • UAV – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles & Drones
    • IEC 61373 Shock & Vibration Standards
    • MIL-STD-901D for Shock
    GarrettCom also offers a robust and extensive set of cyber security features in its MNS software, available for all Magnum switches and routers.  For extra security, MNS-6K-SECURE & MNS-DX-SECURE are available.

    IP Video Surveillance for defense applications requires hardened networking products that can be installed in temperature uncontrolled environments. New enabling technologies such as Power over Ethernet (PoE) have brought IP Video Surveillance to areas where it might not have otherwise been practical or economically feasible. 

    A full range of rugged networking products for defense, including PoE, is available.

    See 1-Sheet Defense Products Overview.

    Defense/Military Networking Products:

    Magnum 6KM Mobile Switch
    Magnum 6KL Mgd Edge Switch
    Magnum 6KQ Mgd Field Switch
    Magnum DX40 Router/Firewall
    Magnum DX940 Router w/Cellular
    Magnum Edge Switches  
    Converter Switches
    Magnum PoE Switches