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    Industrial plants have production equipment that is instrumented for measurement and control, and is connected into the factory management information system. Increasingly, Ethernet is the chosen data protocol.  GarrettCom offers a wide range of Industrial grade Ethernet, Serial, and routing connectivity products

    On the factory floor, networking products need to be Heavy Duty to stand up to electrical noise, dust and dirt, humidity, extended media distances, round-the-clock operations, and extended hot / cold temperatures. For the power source, DC is often preferred. Connections to PLCs and sensors over fiber media is typical.

    Hardened Ethernet Switch
    Industrial Ethernet on the Factory Floor
    Download GarrettCom's Industrial Grade Product Pictorial One-Sheet
    The Magnum, Dymec, and DynaStar lines address Factory Floor applications with a broad line of rugged industrial networking products. Hardened Magnum models includes switches,  converters (both Ethernet and Serial) and routers, fiber and copper media, 10 Mb, 100 Mb and Gb speeds, AC and DC power, internal and external power supplies, PoE models, managed and unmanaged units, DIN-rail and wall-mount, indoor and outdoor.
    Now, the Magnum MNS-6K MIB has been extended to support ABB's 800xA Aspect Object Architecture.
    All Magnum products are built conforming with open architectures and industry standards, both hardware and software. There are no proprietary lock-ins, but there are innovative designs (some patent-pending) and unique combinations of features and options.  Modbus is now available for the DX Serial Device Routers.
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