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    Securing Power Utilities: An "Electricity Today Feature Story

    GarrettCom and Byers Security team up to examine power utility security and why standards are not enough Read feature story

    Ethernet Switch Technology Plays Key Role in NERC CIP Perimeter Security Requirements ... from "Security Today"

    Careful and insightful development of security infrastructure can provide security systems that are not only effective today but are futureproof and scalable to meet future needs. Read story

    How Substations Can Integrate High-availability Future-looking IP Networks with Legacy Infrastructure

    This paper was submitted by GarrettCom's Lee House as part of a DistribuTECH Panel Session: "How to Implement High-availability IP Networks while Leveraging Legacy Infrastructure in the Substation": Click to Read Paper

    9 Lessons Learned from Smart Grid Implementations

    GarrettCom Marketing Manager, Jim Krachenfels, discusses How Smart Grid Technology Is Blazing the Trail for All Industrial Networks for "Control Engineering. Read white paper

    Network Infrastructure Considerations for Smart Grid Challenges

    In this "PowerGrid" article, GarrettCom Marketing Manager, Jim Krachenfels, shows how critical considerations such as Standards Based Implementation, Bandwidth scalability, Redundancy, Wireless communications, and Robust software are key in any Smart Grid network strategy. Read article

    Cyber Security for Industrial Applications

    GarrettCom Director of Technical Services, Howard Linton, shows how introducing a number of simple security elements into an industrial network will significantly reduce the risk of physical or cyber attacks. Read white paper

    Secure Access with VPN Technology

    GarrettCom EVP and CTO Lee House expains how the Magnum DX family of Industrial Routers has a rich set of routing, firewall, and secure VPN capabilities ready to meet mission critical and demanding applications now. Read technical paper

    Hardened Infrastructure for Distribution Automation

    In this article for "PowerGrid", GarrettCom EVP and CTO Lee House expains how introducing simple security elements into power utility substation networks will reduce the risk of physical and cyber attacks: Click to read article

    Security for the Smart Grid

    This paper was submitted by GarrettCom's Frank Madren as part of a DistribuTECH Panel Session: IP/Ethernet Substation Networks: A Multi-Service Resource and Path to Smart Grid: Click to Read Paper

    NERC CIP & Smart Grid: How do they Fit Together?

    GarrettCom recently published an article "NERC CIP & Smart Grid: How do they Fit Together?" for "Utility Automation T&D" magazine . On the surface, NERC CIP and Smart Grid appear to be complementary and interrelated.  In practice, however, these initiatives are less well-aligned, even disconnected.  The relationship between Smart Grid and NERC CIP depends a lot on how "Smart Grid" is defined.  A broader smart grid definition increases the relationships.  Commonality may be found if one looks at the area of cybersecurity.  Cybersecurity is an essential element of all smart grid initiatives.  NERC CIP is a good start to defining cybersecurity strategies, and it is being refined constantly. Click to Read Article

    Going Critical: How to Design Advanced Security Networks for the Nation’s Infrastructure

    In this webinar, GarrettCom (having partnered with dozens of major security integrators around the world) brings practical examples of successful system implementations to illustrate an examination of critical infrastructure physical security systems, related networking requirements and effective design principles. This webinar will give you the information and tools required to design security systems for challenging environments, meeting high availability requirements as well as providing the flexibility and performance needed for modern, IP-based advanced security applications. Presentation

    SNMP tells only half the story: Don't forget the hardware fix!

    GarrettCom VP of Engineering Lee House recently wrote an article "SNMP tells only half the story: Don't forget the hardware fix!" that has been published in the "Industrial Ethernet Book" magazine. In the article, House discusses that while NMS solutions undeniably provide industrial network operators with a powerful means of managing and controlling infrastructure, these solutions are often not sufficiently integrated with the devices in the network to adequately control the rich capabilities network devices can provide.
    Click to Read Article

    New Perspectives on NERC CIP Access Management

    GarrettCom recently published an article "New Perspectives on NERC CIP Access Managerment" that has been published in "Electric Energy T&D" magazine. In the article, GarrettCom discusses how CIP teams are gaining more perspectives into the scope, interrelationships and evolving requirements of secure access management. The perspectives are then grouped into three areas: real world implementation; preparation of "life under NERC CIP"; and anticipation of ongoing change. Click to Read Article

    Utilizing IEC 61850, Ethernet, and IP Standards for Integrated Substation Communications

    This paper was presented by GarrettCom's Rajesh Kukreja at the New Delhi, India Seminar: IT in the Power Sector, Performance Upgrading including Automation. Click to Read Paper

    Time Synchronization (SNTP)

    This white paper addresses the need for synchronized time sources for LANs in inudstrial Security settings and other time-critical environments. Click to Read Paper

    Combining Cyber & Physical Security (Featured in Control Engineering)

    Recently, GarrettCom President Frank Madren wrote an article "Combining Cyber and Physical Security" that has been published in the April issue of "Control Engineering" magazine. The paper discusses and illustrates how security technologies, both cyber security and physical security using IP networks, are spreading into broad use in industrial facilities. Click to Read Paper

    IEEE PES Paper: Power System Protection

    The paper Strategies for Protection and Control Standardization and Integrated Data Management Applications looks at the breakthroughs in power system protection and control technology support and the experiences of a major power company in managing through this true paradigm shift. The paper further narrows the focus to the impact of these changes on substation networks, data management, technology risk management, and cyber security. Click to Continue

    Serial Network Security with Device Routers

    Providing cyber security for legacy serial networks can be simpler using GarrettCom's family and DX Routers/Device Servers. These devices bridge the gap between Ethernet and serial protocols while providing protection. GarrettCom Director of Application Engineering, Howard Linton explains.  Click to Continue

    Planning for the Successful Integration of Substation Communications

    On October 30, 2007, GarrettCom presented this paper at India's CPRI National Conference on Distribution Automation.  The paper outlines many of the requirements of an integrated substation network and the tools available to plan and implement a successful integrated network.   Click to Continue

    Going Deep: IP Systems Offer Physical and Cyber Security to Water Supply

    In the September 2007 issue of Security Products, the featured article by Frank Madren discusses how and why Ethernet and IP protocols should serve as the basis in building a physical and cyber security system for water utilities.
    Read the article.

    NERC/CIP Compliance: Headache or Opportunity?

    In the July, 2007 issue of Utility Automation, the featured article by GarrettCom discusses the challenges of cyber security compliance for power utilities. Government mandates are forcing significant security-related changes in network infrastructure. These mandates can be looked at as intrusive requirements that force unwanted investment in security-specific technologies, or as an opportunity to upgrade infrastructure that creates much broader improvement and benefits.
    Read the article.

    Evolving Your Substation Architecture

    This GarrettCom examines the issues and challenges substation network planners face when evolving their substation architectures.  Planners are challenged to integrate SCADA system connections, remote engineering access and other network requirements for substations.  Furthermore, these planners must do it now with minimal cost and make sure the solution will evolve gracefully for many years across emerging requirements for scale, technology, security, performance and manageability. 
    Read article.

    In another recently published article titled "Substation Networks that Promote Automation", GarrettCom discusses the development of substation networks that invite rather than inhibit growth in automation.  Read article

    Integrating Multiple Buses

    GarrettCom's Jim Hammond and Larry Castelli recently published an article describing how to integrate industrial networks and connect proprietary fieldbus systems with Ethernet technology.  Read the InTech magazine article.

    The Pros of Conformal Coating

    This paper focuses on choosing the right coating to preserve and protect electronics in harsh environments.  Corrosive gases and chemicals play havoc with components that control and manage processes, or transport vital data between control centers and remote sites.  What is required is a protective coating that can isolate the components from the harsh reality of industrial settings.

    Pros of Conformal Coating

    Ethernet Switch Reliability:  Temperature vs. Moving Parts

    The summary of the White Paper is “Common wisdom says that free convection cooling (via heat sinks and other passive means) is the obvious choice for networking equipment in an industrial setting."  GarrettCom, a manufacturer of both free convection and forced convection (via fans), examines this viewpoint via MTBF testing at different temperatures.

    Ethernet Switch Reliability:  Temperature versus Moving Parts

    Secure Industrial Control Utilizing High Speed
    Ethernet Networks & Web Management 

    (from a speech given by GarrettCom V.P. Peter Wood at the October 2005 ISA Conference) 

    Recently, GarrettCom V.P. Peter Wood gave a speech on industrial networking security at the 2005 ISA Show for Automation + Control.  The speech explored the state of Ethernet network security options today, and offered a roadmap for industrial operations to plan for and deploy secure network systems.     

    Read the paper the speech was based on

    ESD42 Dual-Homing Switches Whitepaper
    Available at Control Engineering

    The summary of the White Paper says “In the past, the choices for redundancy for edge-of-the-network devices were too limited, too expensive, or too complicated to be considered in most industrial systems.  This White Paper, however, contends that today's dual-homing technology can change all that”. Read how.

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    Non-profit telecommunications association which serves those responsible for the design and distribution wiring for commercial and multi-family buildings

    International Organization for Standardization (ISO) :
    Non-governmental organization which promotes the development of standardization worldwide. For a copy of GCI's ISO-9001 certificate, email

    European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) :
    Non-profit organization whose mission is to produce the telecommunications 
    standards that will be used throughout Europe and beyond
    Telcordia Technologies:
    Provider of telecommunications NEBS testing standards training and consulting services
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