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    By using any GarrettCom marketing materials you agree to abide by GarrettCom's policy as follows:

    Appropriate Use of the GarrettCom name
    While you may sometimes desire to use an abbreviation for GarrettCom, Inc. in your communications, we prefer that you do not shorten the name to "Garrett." GarrettCom has changed its name from Garrett Communications in 2000. We prefer that you no longer refer to the company as Garrett Communications. The official company name is GarrettCom, Inc.

    In any form of marketing communications, we ask you to use only the full company name to avoid confusion with other companies and to avoid misrepresentation in the marketplace. In using the company name in correspondence or body text, the corporate name should always be referred to as GarrettCom, Inc.

    Download GarrettCom Logos

    You can download the 1 MB zipped file of GarrettCom logos by clicking here.

    Download Visio Stencils

    You can download the 11MB zipped file of the library by clicking here.

    Datasheets and User Guides
    All datasheets and user guides can be accessed through our Tech Support section. 

    Application Notes/Case Studies
    All application notes and case studies can be accessed here.

    White Papers
    White papers can be accessed here.

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