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  • GarrettCom Heavy-Duty Power over Ethernet

    Power over Ethernet

    GarrettCom offers a range of Power over Ethernet (PoE) products ranging from four and eight port modules that fit into the 10K or 6K series of industrial  managed switches to the smaller and rugged PS14 PoE Switches,and PES42 PoE Edge Switches.

    Hardened ("H") models for both the PS14 and PES42 series are available for the factory floor environments and complement existing premium ("P) models rated for outdoor applications.

    Dual-Homing PoE switch for redundancy in physical security applications, the PESD42

    • The 6K-Series of PoE modules include a large breadth of fiber, copper and fiber-copper combination modules--100Mb, 10Mb, and 10/100Mb.  The 6K configuration guide describes the modules and how to configure them. The 6KP7-1GSFP6RJ module is now available with four PoE ports.

    • GarrettCom PoE products conform to the IEEE 802.3af standard.

    • 6K modules are available for 6K32F, 6K32FC, 6K32T, 6K32TRC, 6K25, 6K16V, 6K16, and 6K8 industrial Ethernet managed switches.

    • GarrettCom PSE PoE ports support the worst case, i.e. any mix of Class 0,1,2 and 3 PoE PD devices on all ports simultaneously.

    • Click for photo of 6K switch with PoE module networked to VoIP phones.


    The PES42 Edge Switch family is a small DIN-Rail mount six-port Ethernet switch with four PoE ports and one of the following non-PoE combination: two 100Mb fiber ports; two 10/100 RJ-45 ports; or one 100Mb fiber port and one 10/100 RJ-45 port.

    • The switch and attached PoE devices are powered from an integral -48V DC terminal block

    • For redundancy, the PESD42 provides Dual-Homing

    • Temperature rating of 40C to 75C handles heavy duty applications


    The IPS42 Internal Power Supply Chassis brings a big switch internal power supply to compact, unmanaged, industrial edge switches. Five different power models are available.  

    IPS42 Datasheet

    The PS14P is a small DIN-Rail mount Ethernet switch with four PoE ports.

    • The switch and attached PoE devices are powered from an integral -48V DC terminal block

    • Temperature rating of –40°C to 75°C handles heavy duty applications

    • PS14P Pictorial Overview


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