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     Substation Networking Products One Page Overview One-Page Overview of GarrettCom's Substation Networking Products

     Hardened Infrastructure for Distribution Automation 9 Lessons Learned from Smart Grid Implementations (Control Engineering)

     Hardened Infrastructure for Distribution Automation Network Considerations for Smart Grid Strategies (PowerGrid)

     GarrettCom VPN Technical Brief Secure Access with VPN Technology in Industrial Networks (tech brief)

     Substation Networking Products One Page Overview Magnum DX940 Cellular Routers for SPD

    Substation Networking Products One Page Overview GOOSE Messaging Performance of Magnum Switches Confirmed by KEMA Tests

    GarrettCom offers a complete and proven cyber security solution to meet your security compliance needs.

    GarrettCom's Strategic Industrial Network Architecture includes Magnum 10KT and 6K Series Managed Industrial Switches at the Ethernet Core; Magnum industrial switches such as the 6KL, 6KQ, and ES42 at the Ethernet Edge; hardened Dymec Links Serial Converters at the Serial Edge (with DX products such at the Magnum 10ETS playing at both Serial and Ethernet edges); and hardened Magnum DX940 Series products providing WAN access.

    Industrial Ethernet for Power Utilities IEC61850

    Industrial Ethernet for Substations
    GarrettCom's recent articles on Substation Automation, the Smart Grid and Cyber Security include the following:

    9 Lessons Learned from Smart Grid Implementations: How Smart Grid Technology Is Blazing the Trail for All Industrial Networks ("Control Engineering" white paper)

    "Network Infrastructure Considerations for Smart Grid Strategies" - PowerGrid article

    "Cyber Security for Industrial Applications" ("Control Engineering" white paper)

    Additional features of GarrettCom products include:
    • Cyber Security
    • Fiber built-in to accommodate selections of Gigabit, 100Mb, and 10Mb.
    • Secure Remote Access
    • High-EMI noise immunity, reliable operation in the presence of interference
    • IEC 61850 & IEEE 1613 compliance
    • IEEE 1613 Class 2 for substations
    • NERC CIP Compliance
    • Power types such as: 125V, 250V, 110V, 24V, -48V DC, and worldwide AC
    • Dual-source option for high availability in case of power source failure
    • Operating temperature range, -40C to 85°C
    • Rugged case for durability  & noise immunity
    • High IP Ratings

    At DistribuTECH, GarrettCom presented a technical paper titled "Security for the Smart Grid" Paper

    Additional GarrettCom article for "PowerGrid":
    Hardened Infrastructure for Distribution Automation


    Examples of applications include:
    Magnum DX Cellular Routers for Southern Power District (NE)

    Magnum DX/DynaStar SCADA Frame Forwarding for Substation Automation

    South Central Indiana REMC Upgrades Substation Network w/ Magnum 6Ks & DXs

    Magnum DX Routers Deliver Secure Data at Eastern Iowa Light & Power

    GarrettCom Switches Offer Holyoke Gas & Electric Flexibility and Security for Utilities

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