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    As streets and highways become more congested, traffic engineers and planners continue to look for better ways to improve traffic flow within the existing infrastructure and road system. 

    Video surveillance cameras have grown in popularity and use as an effective tool for traffic control and management. Video cameras can provide real time, full-motion feedback as traffic problems develop, whether at a city intersection or on a major freeway. New Power over Ethernet (PoE) models add simplicity and convenience.

    Ethernet in Traffic Control
    Industrial Ethernet in Traffic Control
    Ethernet Applications in Traffic Control
    Demand for Bandwidth Makes Ethernet the Preferred Protocol 

    It stands to reason that Ethernet will increasingly become the edge protocol of choice in the traffic control market and become a popular and cost-effective backbone protocol as well. Traffic control systems are increasingly migrating away from serial technology and embracing the higher bandwidth Ethernet technology. The high bandwidth requirements of video are increasingly driving this trend.
    Read this White Paper

    Traditionally, serial communications lines have been employed to transmit traffic control signals. However, live video, as part of an intelligent transportation system (ITS), requires a transmission bandwidth up to 100 times greater than the standard serial links. Furthermore, the video signal often must be transmitted over a distance of several miles, usually to a central traffic operations center (TOC). Fiber optic cabling is the preferred medium to carry the video signal, since fiber optic cabling has a very large bandwidth and is immune to magnetic interference.

    The combination of high bandwidth demand along with fiber cabling has resulted in the emergence of Ethernet as the protocol of choice for traffic control, video surveillance systems, and other outdoor applications. Ethernetís virtually unlimited bandwidth, ruggedness, scalability, and inexpensive systems components make it a natural for the new generation of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).  Many GarrettCom products are NEMA TS-2 Certified for Traffic Control Equipment.

    For networking aboard ships, GarrettCom offers its Det Norske Veritas (DNV) Certified products.

    Communications Options for ITS Projects

    Examples of applications include:

    Danish State Rail Operator DSB Turns to GarrettCom for an In-Carriage Network Solution

    Delaware D.O.T. Uses Magnum DX Routers and 6K Switches for Traffic Control

    Magnum 6K Switches Network Tampa Crosstown Expressway with Fiber Rings, Redundancy

    Texas D.O.T. Uses Hardened Ethernet Switches and Wireless for Traffic Control

    Transportation Products:
    Ethernet Products for Traffic Control
    Magnum 6K Managed Switch Family
    Magnum 6K16V Managed Switch
    Magnum DX Routers & Terminal Servers
    Magnum P62F Hardened Switches  
    Magnum ES42 Edge Switch Family  
    Magnum PoE Switch Family (Power over Ethernet)
    1-Sheet GarrettCom ITS Overview (pdf)